Form is a tool to collect data and information, which then can be used to evaluate the quality and performance of higher education institutions. Form for university accreditation is prepared according to basic concept and principles of professional academic service and university management.

Form for university accreditation is arranged based on university statute, working plan, working program, self-evaluation, and other guidance on academic and non-academic activities. It also includes analysis on every aspect of accreditation standards and university management.

Accreditation standard is a gold standard that must be fulfilled by higher education institution in order to accomplished the quality standard. Some of the parameters used to assess the quality of higher education institution are:

Standard 1 : Vision, mission, aim and target, strategic plan

Standard 2 : Organization structure, leadership, organization system, quality assurance

Standard 3 : Students and alumni

Standard 4 : Human resources

Standard 5 : Curriculum, learning process, and academic environment

Standard 6 : Expenditure, assets, and information system

Standard 7 : Research, social responsibility, and partnership