Vision, Mission, and Goal


To become a pharmacy education institution that is internationally competitive and plays an active role in improving the community health status.


1. To carry out pharmacy education so that students graduate as pharmacists and posses entrepreneurial character,

2. To carry out and developing research in the field of pharmacy,

3. To carry out community service activities in the field of pharmacy.


F uturistik (Futuristic)

K omitmen & Kebersamaan (Commitment & Togetherness)

U nggul (Excellence)

B erdedikasi dan Berjiwa Enterpreneur (Dedicated and entrepreneur spirited)

Promulgation of service: to the excellent service and plenary


S Smiles

I Innovative

A Mandate

P Proactive


1. To generate pharmacy graduates who are able to compete at national and international levels,

2. To develop science and technology in the field of pharmacy by conducting basic and innovative applied research,

3. To actively educate public to improve health, especially in the field of pharmacy.


“Providing maximum services aiming to achieve users’ satisfaction”