In general, Pharmaceutical laboratory of Pharmacy Study Program University of Brawijaya as a support to Pharmacy Study Program facilitates Pharmacy Study Program to create graduates in accordance with the competencies specified in Competence and Curriculum of Pharmacy Study Program University of Brawijaya. Pharmaceutical Laboratory activities in general are:

1. Implement practicum activities of Pharmacy Study Program

2. Facilitating student of Pharmacy Study Program to conduct research

Work programs undertaken to support the above activities are:

1.  Development on Education

  • Improving the quality of practicum

2. Development on Research

  •      Improved research services for Pharmacy students
  •      Improved research services for  Lecturer
  •      Improved research services for public

3.  Facility and Support

  • Improving the quality and quantity of facilities and laboratory equipment in supporting practicum and research
  • Structuring the administration and management of the laboratory
  • Improving the laboratory quality through the use of public satisfaction questionnaire

Detailed work plan PSF FKUB pharmaceutical laboratories are: