Pharmaceutical laboratory of Pharmacy Study Program Medical Faculty University of Brawijaya reviews the organization’s quality management system by referring to the management review of Pharmacy Study Program to ensure continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness. Input to management review includes the results of the laboratory audit, feedback from customers, performance and product conformity related to improve quality. While the output of the management review includes decisions and actions related to effective improvement of the quality management and the processes, improved products that conform to the standards and the resources needed.

Management reviews are conducted regularly at least twice a year. Management reviews are conducted after the completion of Internal Audit System (AIM) by the Quality Assurance Organization (GJM) and/or Centre of Quality Assurance (PJM) UB, by holding a meeting in the form of Study Program meeting among the Head of Study Program, MR, Unit of Quality Assurance (UJM), the Head of Laboratory and lecturers and education staffs in order to observe, evaluate the results of AIM, and repair if there is a mistake, prevent mismatches, and progress and plan to improve the quality through laboratory development program. Besides, it also evaluates the objectives that have been formulated from the evaluation of customer satisfaction. Agenda, materials, and follow up of the management review are set forth in the form of documents and attachments in the form of minutes of meetings of Study Program. Most importantly, recommendations for improvement are the most expected output from these activities.