Pharmacy Undergraduate Degree Program

Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Brawijaya
Written on 23 January 2015 , by Hardini Driya

Position, Functions, and Duties

Pharmacy Study Program, Medical Faculty, University of Brawijaya (PSF FKUB)

  1. PSF FKUB is one of the study programs which is under Medical Faculty University of Brawijaya which was established under Decree of Medical Faculty Dean University of Brawijaya on behalf of the Rector of University of Brawijaya.
  2. Structure and Position of PSF FKUB are in accordance with the study program structure regarding to the Organizational Structure and Status of Medical Faculty University of Brawijaya.
  3. An Academic Implementation Work Unit in Medical Faculty which is conducting academic education of Bachelor of Pharmacy in a part or a branch of science and technology of Pharmacy.
  4. Pharmacy Study Program has a secretariat led by the secretary of Study Program and has at least a secretariat staff.
  5. Study Program Secretariat administers database of Study Program, archive mail to and from the Study Program, and coordinate with the Administration of Medical Faculty associated with the duty of Study Program.
  6. PSF FKUB in running its function as an academic education provider on the basis of a curriculum and is intended to allow students to master the knowledge, skills, and attitudes in accordance with the curriculum goals, is guided by the integrated study plan as the guide of academic education implementation.
  7. PSF FKUB duties are as follows,
    1. Develop Pharmaceutical science with a specialty on Clinical Pharmacy and Community Pharmacy in accordance with the vision, mission, and grand strategy of Medical Faculty University of Brawijaya in the implementation of competency based curriculum in Medical Faculty University of Brawijaya.
    2. Establish Syllabus and Teaching Content.
    3. Establish area, component, and competency of teaching materials of each Competency Based Curriculum course.
    4. Keeping the entire area of ​​competence is spread proportionally in all subjects and skills learned.
    5. Establish laboratory that will be the primary place of learning competencies related to education, research, and community service.
    6. Coordinate person in charge of competence courses.
    7. Coordinate the implementation of learning and learning outcome evaluation in Pharmacy Study Program.
    8. In performing its duties, the Study Program is assisted by:

                                          i.    Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

                                         ii.    Academic Implementing Unit

                                        iii.    Supporting Unit

                                       iv.    Administration Unit

  1. In provision of Competency Based Curriculum education, Pharmacy Study Program will coordinate with:

                                          i.    Dean of faculty, in terms of faculty academic policy implementation and faculty’s provision implementation relating to the duties and functions of the study program.

                                         ii.    Other study programs in Medical Faculty University of Brawijaya in terms of shared use of human resources, facilities, and infrastructure.

                                        iii.    Units of education providers and academic administration of faculty.

                                       iv.    Quality Assurance Unit in terms of coordinating quality assurance monitoring of curriculum, implementation of teaching and learning, research, and community service.

                                        v.    Curriculum Team, in terms of:

  1. Planning, assessing, developing curriculum concepts and curriculum evaluation.
  2. Planning, assessing, developing concept of teaching and learning, and evaluation of learning outcomes.
  3. Planning, assessing, developing lecturer instructional skills concept, and concept of infrastructure development

                                       vi.    Sectors, in terms of:

  1. Coordination of existing courses in Pharmacy Study Program.
  2. Coordination of the preparation of teaching materials and practicum.
  3. Monitoring and evaluation of learning and practicum implementation of competency based curriculum.
  4. Planning the needs and infrastructure for learning and practicum implementation of competency based curriculum.

                                      vii.    Person in Charge of Competence Courses (PJMK), in terms of:

  1. Coordination of the preparation of schedules and learning materials.
  2. The implementation of exams and assessment on Competence Courses.