Pharmacist is one of the professional needed in the medical care system to ensure the improvement in people’s quality of life. There is necessity to improve the quality and quantity of professional Pharmacist, to meet the requirement needed in practice, especially in Indonesia. Brawijaya University as one of the leading institutions in medical education had an initiative to start the Bachelor of Pharmacy education in order to answer this needed.

At that time, Rector of Brawijaya University started a working group officiated with an instruction letter number 267/J10/KP/2007. The main task of this working group is making proposal to Ministry of Education that will allowed the opening of Pharmacy Study Program in Brawijaya University. Teaching activities was officially started on 1 July 2009 (with Rector officiated letter No. 252/SK/2009) and strengthen with DIKTI officiated letter No. 228/D/O/2010, as one of study programs under Medical Faculty.