Department of Pharmacy

Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Brawijaya
Written on 29 April 2014 , by angga

Interest and Talent Services (Extracurricular)

At the university level, there is a Student Activity Unit (SMEs) that are divided into several areas:

1. Art Interests

2. Sport Interests

3. Reasoning Interest

4. Special Interest, which consists of:

• Student Regiment

• Volunteer Corps

• Nature Lover Student Association (Impala)

• Scout

• Drug Abuse and HIV / AIDS Prevention Team (Tegazs)

5. Interests of Student Welfare


At the faculty level, there is a department of Arts and Sport (KORA) as a part of the BEM FKUB

In addition, there are Semi-autonomous Institutions at faculty level, such as:

1. Student Institution of Scientific Study (LSIM) which facilitates student interest in the field of reasoning

2. Student Health Institution (Lakesma)

3. Student Press Institution (LPM)

At the level of the study program, there is Honorary Institution (BK), namely Association of Pharmacy Students (HMF) Aecus Prospicio